The Argus in Hepburn Springs

Continuing the celebration of my friend’s 50th birthday, our Sunday lunch was at The Argus Dining Room in Hepburn Springs.  This was a wonderful lunch, with inventive and well rounded cooking.  One dish in particular was sublime.

Here is the dish (below) that really excited me.  One of the best restaurant dishes I’ve eaten in a long time; or let’s just say one of the best ever.

It’s leek and potato foam over egg yolk, smoked eel, and braised vegetables.

It’s often hard to put your finger on why you like something.  Words seem to fall short.  But I think at this level of cooking, a great restaurant dish is often both rich and refreshing.  There are some exceptions, but this balance usually seems important.  This dish was wonderfully flavoursome, and indulgently creamy, but was not so heavy on the palate as to fatigue, with the vegetables playing a subtle but important role.  Many years of ubiquitous cooking shows on TV have emphasised to us the importance of balance of tastes/flavours in any given dish, and when a chef (or even a home cook) gets this right, the result is a thing of beauty.

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