Rare wagyu beef sous vide

One of the great advantages of sous vide cooking is the level of control over the internal cooking of meats.  Rather than playing a guessing game as to how long to sear your steak for, and pressing at it with tongs to feel for doneness, you can leave the meat in a bath and be confident that at the end of cooking time it will be cooked exactly as you planned.

With that in mind, I bought an impressive 850g single piece of Wagyu sirloin from my local butcher.

Look at all that flavour (OK, fat) ready to be rendered into the most juicy steak imaginable.  The preparation for this was uncomplicated – vacuum sealed in a bag and straight into the water bath at 45 degrees for 2 hours.

Here is the meat upon extraction from the bath.  Not quite appetizing yet, but you can see how the marbled fat has nicely rendered.

The remainings steps are to season the meat, very liberally since it is a large and thick piece, and finish it off by searing in a raging-hot pan.

Now the meat is ready for eating.  It doesn’t even need to be rested, as the internal temperature is perfectly even.  Some may look at that and think it’s a bit under for your liking, but that is easily rectified by choosing a slightly higher temperature for the water.  But this level of doneness is spot on for my wife and me.

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