Truffle season is upon us

Yes, those wonderfully fragrant little underground fungi are back on the menu.  It’s probably my favourite thing about winter: the arrival of the Australian truffle season.

What’s great now is that Australian truffles are readily available to the consumer directly and are increasingly being celebrated in our restaurants.  One restaurant that has been at the forefront of showcasing the Australian black truffle is Ormeggio at the Spit, which happens to be a favourite of my wife, who has a Northern Italian heritage similar to owner and chef Alessandro Pavoni.  Northern Italy also has a strong association with truffles and thus much of the cuisine is a natural match.

With a Saturday night free (a minor miracle) and a ready babysitter (a double miracle) we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Ormeggio.  We opted for the degustation menu, which allowed for an upgrade on a couple of dishes to add shaved Tasmanian truffle.  The supplemental cost was quite reasonable, especially when the dish came out and we saw just how much truffle we received.

So much truffle I couldn’t see the dish underneath!

Ah, there it is.  Veal tonnato.

This was a great dish, and clearly this season’s truffles are of extraordinary quality.  In a few weeks my friends and I will put together our annual truffle dinner, and now I can hardly wait.

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