Keep it simple with scrambled eggs

I may have made this suggestion before, but it merits repeating.  When it comes to using truffles, keep it simple.  I find truffles come to life shaved over fairly plain pasta (eg with just a butter sauce and cheese), braised meats, grilled meats, pan-fried scallops, and seem to have a special affinity with eggs.

Truffles work well with fried or poached eggs, 63 degree eggs, all manner of baked eggs, and as I’ve found now, they work wonderfully well with scrambled eggs.  But not just any scrambled eggs; I strongly recommend using a bain marie cooking method.

I’m not sure whether he was the first person to do this, but Heston Blumenthal perfected the bain marie method for scrambling eggs and since the first time I tried it I was convinced.  The following recipe is not exactly Heston’s, but it’s reasonably close.

Recipe – 6 eggs, 50g butter, 50mL milk, salt to taste and a drop of sherry vinegar.

Method – combine/whisk the eggs, butter, and milk in a metal bowl and place on top of a pot of water (the bowl not touching the water), with the water temperature just under (or at) a simmer.  Now gently stir for the next 15 to 20 minutes.  That’s about it.  The eggs are ready when they reach a consistency you like.  They should be velvety smooth and not at all lumpy, like a really thick custard.  Season with salt, pepper if you like, and a drop of sherry vinegar to cut the richness a little.

It’s a very simple method and the results are outstanding.  You do have to spend the time stirring, but it’s minimal effort for the best scrambled eggs possible.  This recipe will provide 6 small serves, as per the picture below.  Adjust the recipe to suit the number of people and desired serving size.

Served here: bain marie scrambled eggs on tasted sourdough with shaved truffle.

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