Lucky me

I am a lucky man. Blessed in many ways.  This is a something I cannot help but feel when surrounded by family and/or good friends, while drinking great wines together over a nice meal.  And luckily for me, many of my friends share a love for Barolo.  Here we had an outstanding set of three (on a night when we drank may other excellent wines too of course).

The wines were:  Conterno Barolo Francia 2011, Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 2010, and Gaja Sperss 1997.

All three from heralded vintages, top shelf producers, and great vineyards.  The younger wines were so pretty, floral, and quite feminine, while the Gaja was such a complete wine, with density in the mouth, but not heavy, and amazing aromatic complexity – at 19 years of age it was at a really good point of development, with still many good years ahead of it.

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