Riesling soup

This dish was introduced to me by a German friend-of-a-friend. There are many different recipes for this soup, but the soup he showed me was quite straightforward and I have taken a similar approach here (and after reviewing lots of recipes online).

I started by sweating down some onion and leek, along with thyme, in a small amount of olive oil. Then I added the Riesling (about 375mL) and cooked that out a little, and then an equal amount of cream. This was simmered for a few minutes, before seasoning to taste.

I then poured this, straining the liquid, over some raw scallops, with the heat of the soup sufficient to cook the scallops. I added basil to garnish.

That’s it. Simple and very delicious. Served with a good Rielsing of course (German, Aussie, or whatever takes your fancy). We used a dry Australian Riesling in the soup and drank the rest of the bottle with it, which was a nice way for the food and wine to complement.

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