Sassicaia my old friend

This wine has become a real favourite of my wife and mine.  And we’ve been lucky enough to come across it on a few restaurant wine lists at very reasonable prices – at about the retail price, rather than marked up double or triple as is often the case.  Now I’m not going to use the word bargain here, because it is still a pricy wine, but when navigating the minefield that most restaurant winelists are, it’s welcome relief to stumble upon and old friend.

Sassicaia is one of Italy’s finest Bordeaux-inspired wines, made in Tuscany from predominantly cabernet sauvignon with some cabernet franc.  It is an historically important wine for Tuscany and Italy, being one of the frontrunners in the modernisation of Italian winemaking.  I certainly love some of the traditional Italian winemaking, but I’m very grateful that they started making more wines like this too.

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