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The wine is the Sassicaia 1985, a cabernet sauvignon from Tuscany.  The Sassicaia is one of Italy’s finest Bordeaux inspired wines and a favourite of my wife and mine.  The 1985 vintage is universally heralded as a great wine and arguably an … Continue reading

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Yes, those wonderfully fragrant little underground fungi are back on the menu.  It’s probably my favourite thing about winter: the arrival of the Australian truffle season. What’s great now is that Australian truffles are readily available to the consumer directly and … Continue reading

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My friend recently sent me an email about a Gaja Masterclass that was coming up.  No time to check the calendar - a few clicks later I was booked in. Gaia Gaja hosted this masterclass.  She is the eldest daughter of … Continue reading

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One of the great advantages of sous vide cooking is the level of control over the internal cooking of meats.  Rather than playing a guessing game as to how long to sear your steak for, and pressing at it with … Continue reading

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As you may know, I love Barolo.  It’s a wine style that’s not to everyone’s liking, with firm tannins that challenge many wine drinkers – casual or enthusiastic alike.  Many people who enjoy Barolo think that you simply can’t (well, … Continue reading

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As posted recently, I received a sous vide cooker for Christmas and have been playing with it like any excited child does with their new toy.  Here is a quite basic recipe for teriyaki salmon. Firstly, the sauce.  I wanted … Continue reading

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So this is my wine and food blog.  Maybe I need to change it to my wine, food, and whisky blog, because I’ve recently rediscovered my love for fine whisky. I’ve always enjoyed whisky, but haven’t been drinking much of … Continue reading

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I received a new toy for Christmas – a sous vide cooker (which is a fancy name for a water bath). Yes, it’s a water bath.  Essentially, you heat water in it, and hold that water at a constant temperature.  … Continue reading

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My friend – well, many of them actually – stores his wine in professional climate controlled storage.  He occasionally asks some friends to join him while he is stocktaking and sorting out his wines, to keep him company and share … Continue reading

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Continuing the celebration of my friend’s 50th birthday, our Sunday lunch was at The Argus Dining Room in Hepburn Springs.  This was a wonderful lunch, with inventive and well rounded cooking.  One dish in particular was sublime. Here is the … Continue reading

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