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I don’t know. But for birthdays, anniversaries, etc, it seems like a great excuse to celebrate. Certainly in one of my wine groups we have a tradition of celebrating round number birthdays (ie 30, 40, 50, etc). This time it was … Continue reading

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Just taking a photo to send to my friend…a bit of a tease for later tonight. Catching up regularly with friends is important to me, as it is to most people.  And with good reason.  Good friendships have been found … Continue reading

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My friend recently sent me an email about a Gaja Masterclass that was coming up.  No time to check the calendar - a few clicks later I was booked in. Gaia Gaja hosted this masterclass.  She is the eldest daughter of … Continue reading

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As you may know, I love Barolo.  It’s a wine style that’s not to everyone’s liking, with firm tannins that challenge many wine drinkers – casual or enthusiastic alike.  Many people who enjoy Barolo think that you simply can’t (well, … Continue reading

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There’s an old adage in wine circles: there are no great old wines, only great old bottles. Essentially this adage speaks of bottle variation – differences between bottles of the same wine - and the fact that bottle variation increases as wines … Continue reading

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I recently held an event for one of my wine-tasting groups.  The event was called “Italian Immigrants” and was a look at how Italian grape varieties are settling in to their new home in Australia.  The varieties focussed on were … Continue reading

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Giaconda, one of Australia’s most celebrated wineries (especially for their wonderful chardonnay), have released their first vintage of nebbiolo.  I was keen to try it, but balked a little at the asking price (>$100).  That’s a lot of money for … Continue reading

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My wife and I recently treated ourselves to dinner at Ormeggio at the Spit.  Her father’s family is from Northern Italy, so she was keen to try Sydney’s up and coming Northern Italian cuisine.  You may have seen head chef Alessandro … Continue reading

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We recently attended a house-warming for friends of ours.  It’s a very nice new house, with an impressive cellar still being fitted out.  The evening was great fun, with a large and varied array of wines, some of which were superb.  … Continue reading

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Tim Kirk (winemaker at Clonakilla) was in town briefly last week and a few of the “Sydney wine mafia” (as he dubbed us on twitter) gathered for dinner with him at Buzo Trattoria on Friday night. I’m a great fan … Continue reading

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